It's almost always best to aim for sites that don't use nofollow attributes so the SEO value is passed to your page and content. Nofollow attributes should be reserved for links coming in from spam or low-quality websites. Be sure your link strategies aim for building numerous high-quality links that don't use the nofollow attribute.

New SEO Areas

There are new areas that provide SEO opportunities for brands. Improving your brand's presence on each of them should be part of your program and deliverables. These include:.

Amazon SEO

As we'll discuss later, Amazon is a critical product search engine. Brands that offer products on Amazon need to make sure they are leveraging organic tactics as much as possible to ensure cost efficiency. This deliverable typically looks at what can be done to improve SEO rankings and traffic.

Voice Search

As we'll discuss later, voice search has become a critical part of the user journey and is yet another key type of search behavior your brand or website needs to rank for. This deliverable aims to look at what kind of content and tags you need to help rank for those searches.

Link Detoxification

Link toxicity or links pointing to your website is a big issue for SEO. Depending on what SEO tool you are using, a link quality audit should be done to identify which links or websites pointing to your website are low quality. Once that list is identified, the SEO expert should work within Google Search Console to disavow or instruct Google to ignore those links. This should be done on an ongoing basis (e.g., quarterly).

Other Nonwebsite Optimization

As we've been saying, improving the free traffic through SEO and content marketing isn't limited to your website. The following initiatives are areas of focus that should have deliverables tailored to their optimization.