Article Listings

Article Listings

The following are link building deliverables that aim to build link popularity to your website and other platforms. These deliverables provide immediate links to your website or provide strategies that can help build links to it long-term and on an ongoing basis.

Media Buy Integration

This deliverable or input provides feedback and guidance for custom content agreements that media or PR teams typically provide. The goal of this deliverable is to provide guidance on the content venue, its friendliness, and the content project in general to assure its SEO optimization. This typically begins at the proposal stage.

Press Release/Article Reviews

Press releases or other articles that are put together by the PR team require SEO oversight to ensure they're using the right keywords in important places. This leads to more impressions, news site pick-ups, and more links to your website. As discussed, links to a web page are an extremely important factor to ranking for SEO. Additionally, press releases can be used to capture traffic around certain phrases and offer additional exposure for your brand. For these reasons, SEO should be part of the review process for these types of content.

Link Building Strategy and Execution

This deliverable is typically a strategic deliverable aimed at building more authoritative links to your website. It outlines potential partnerships, “vote worthy” content, and key landing pages that are worth a link to your website. Depending on which SEO tools you have, it could also identify what kind of sites your competitors are getting links from and what their most linked content is. It should also list the general health and spam risks of the links pointing to your site. If you have a lot of toxic or spam sites linking to your site or are overusing the same anchor text, you should outline that in your link strategy and plan. After the strategy and plan are formalized, the team should move toward link execution, which is typically an ongoing piece where you or an SEO team member reaches out to sites to add links or have them edit links; this is typically done every day.

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